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I am doing construction and I'm not sure if I need an interior designer? 

This is a very common question, along with "do I need an interior designer or an architect?"

Allow me. An interior designer has the skills and professional education to design and draw the new space plans - whether reconfiguring an existing interior space or developing the lighting and electrical plans along with it's elevations. The designer will specify the interior's materials and finishes -  such as flooring, countertops, tile, paint colors. As well as the plumbing, appliances, cabinetry and furnishings to name just a few.

If your project involves changing the structural or load bearing walls, adding square footage, an architect and/or structural engineer is need. They'll administer the necessary drawings and structural calculations required by your local building department to ensure your safety and welfare. In addition, they will call for inspections, obtain building permits and insuring you meet all building requirements. 

What's the difference between an Interior designer and a decorator? 

A big difference. Besides for the obvious one of schooling and appropriate training, a designer is capable and will work with you on the other 2 stages of your renovation project.


Meaning, For every construction project there are essentially 3 stages of work. 1)Planning 2)Construction 3)Decorating/ styling .


The planning stage is the ideal time to bring on a designer. S/he will look over the architects drawings, working alongside the architect to insure the 'bones' of your space work well to for the best possible outcome once the materials and finishes are applied. The designer will help you understand the different materials and your options for the material and finish selection of your space. S/he will also do any necessary interior drawings such as elevations to show lighting or plumbing positions. 


The next stage is the construction stage. The designer will over see the execution of the design. A great design will only look as good as the ability of the contractor and his craftsmen skill. A designer will want to oversee the work being done to ensure it will be perfect for you and problem solve as challenges arise, as they often do.

(The planning stage and construction stage often overlap with each other.)

Finally comes the decorating/ styling of the space. This is the Furniture layout and procurement of the furniture and accessories pieces.  - This is the stage that any decorator/ stylist can help you with. All they need is good taste and resources. A designer will be thinking of this end result as they help you along the journey of the first two stages. 

What about a retail in- store decorator or decorator in general. Why should I use an interior designer? 

For the most part retail in- store decorators are predominantly sales people and have a limited education in interior design principles and space planning. They usually aren't proficient in scale, proportion, space planning, color theory, and health and safety issues. They are well versed in their products and will try to sell you them. A designer will have access to hundreds of trade only venders world wide. If you decide to go with a in- store decorator be sure to verify their qualifications. 

I'm not sure if my style will match your style. Does that matter?

NO. Part of what we do here is learn and understand YOU. We have a unique design process which helps us learn what colors you are drawn to, textures, images, shapes and finishes that resonate with you. We learn how you live and understand your lifestyle so we can create a beautiful space that shouts YOU. This space is not ours to live in and therefore we listen to YOU and help YOU verbalize and clarify YOUR style so the space represents you and you alone. We know design principles which will help guide you to in ensure everything works together and will express what you want it to say in a beautiful coherent manner.  

(Helping you express what is uniquely you is actually our favorite part of the job.) 

Do I need to use your contractor or architect?

No. We will work with your contractor and their tradespeople. All contracts between your trade- professionals are between you and them. We will gladly give a referral for people we have worked with in the past and know they do a good job but that is where it begins and ends. 

Ok. How do I get started with you and what is your process?

You can get started by scheduling a consultation. Call our office, send us an email or schedule it through our website. Before the consultation we will send you a detailed questionnaire to help us get to know your project and you a bit. During the consultation we review the questionnaire narrowing in on understanding your prefered design styles, requirements, how you live and work in the space. We will do a walk through of the space, take photographs and answer any questions or concerns. We charge a non refundable consultation fee of $150 which will be applied to the final invoice of the project should you decide to move forward with us. 

The process is as follows: After our initial consultation we send you a proposal in the form of an agreement contract. If you are satisfied we go back to our office and allow the fun to begin.  We start off by reviewing any plans you currently have and creating a preliminary design board which can be accessed through our website. This board is to help us offshoot where we want to go and will be updated as the designs start to take shape. From there we move into construction and watch the space come alive.

How does the material and selection process work?

This very much depends on the client's preference. Some clients prefer to be involved every step of the way and would like the designer to accompany them to the stores in search for their material and finishes (tiles etc.) Some of our clients prefer the designer to pick out the selections and present it to them for approval.

We work with the you and your preference of involvement.  

Where can I get in contact with you? 

Right here, through phone - 917-769-0184,  or our email address at DESIGNS@MIRGOLDIN.COM

Can I get a glimpse of your design boards? 

Sure. For best samples of our work you can check out our portfolio page, instagram, or facebook.  Be sure to like and follow our social media accounts.

If you'd like to see specifically how the design files work you can use this sample email and password 

to access a sample design board. Login here using 


Password: 123456789

We hope this answered some of your questions. We look forward to working with you on your next project. 

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